Bus safety info for parents, carers and teachers

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It is up to all of us to make sure kids behave safely and are aware of their surroundings when catching the bus. Our Bus safety brochures (bottom of this page) will help you to teach them to be safe.

It’s also a good idea to remind older children that their behaviour around buses and in general will influence smaller children who see the “big kids” as role models.

Most schools have a code of conduct for bus behaviour, ask your school for a copy to discuss with your kids.

School pickup

All children (especially little ones) are excited to see their parents/caregivers after a long day at school. Their excitement makes them likely to run straight across a road. When meeting kids please wait for them on the same side of the road as the bus stop, and never park in a bus zone.

Parking opposite the bus stop (on the other side of the road) is dangerous and is one of the most frequent causes of accidents at bus stops.

If you must park on the other side of the road, get out of your vehicle, cross the road, and wait on the same side as the bus stop.

A good idea is to agree on a designated waiting place close to the bus stop. As well as preventing a child from running across the road, it also gives them somewhere to wait if you are running late.

Also see Driving in and around school zones.

Bus Safety Brochures

Our Bus Safety brochures for little and primary age kids are designed for parents, carers and educators to print out and read through with them.

The Bus Safety for students brochure can be printed and handed out to/discussed with students in classrooms or at home.

Please download and print these, and help us teach kids to be safe around buses. 

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