2017 State Conference

The Bus SA 2017 State Conference was held this year at the Adelaide Convention Centre, on Saturday 17 June 2017, with the theme “Moving People: The challenges for mobility in SA”.

Building upon last year’s Conference and your feedback, we created a program designed to inform you about Government initiatives, develop your knowledge about your business, and invigorate your vision for the future of our industry.

The Bus SA Conference took a slightly different form this year, with John King, the new president of Bus NSW, providing the opening address. He was then followed by Nigel Tooth who invigorated us with a vision for the future of the Bus Industry.

More technical sessions took place this year with presentations from NHVR, DPTI, DECD, Piper Alderman and Pitcher Partners.

We were grateful for the attendance of the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, the Hon Stephen Mullighan, MP and his opposition counterpart, the Hon David Pisoni MP.  Both made important contributions to our discussions.

We are extremely grateful to all our Partners for their investment in the South Australian Bus Industry – without them this Conference would not have been possible.

As requested, PDF versions of the speakers’ Power Point Presentations can be downloaded from the links below: