Driving in and around school zones

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The recent tragedy where a boy lost his life in an accident involving a bus here in South Australia is a terrible reminder that we must take bus safety for children very, very seriously.

Before and after school drop offs are a busy time on the roads with many children walking, cycling and using public transport to get to and from school. Young children are particularly vulnerable, so we all need to remain alert and take precautions around schools.

In South Australia 25km/h speed limits apply:

  • within school zones
  • at crossings when the lights are flashing
  • when driving past a school bus that has stopped to pick up or drop off children.

School zones are yellow signposted and zigzag lines are marked on the road where practicable, to indicate that you are approaching a school zone. If you see flashing school zone or bus lights, it means children are crossing a road nearby or getting on or off a bus. 

When driving in and around schools, watch out for young people who may be thinking about getting to school, but may not be thinking of getting there safely.

  • Make sure you slow down.
  • Always follow the speed limit in school zones and near bus stops.
  • Watch for children playing and congregating near bus stops.
  • Be alert. Children running late for the bus may dart into the street without looking for traffic.
  • When backing out of a driveway or leaving a garage, watch out for children walking or cycling to school.
  • Slow down. Watch for children walking in the street, especially if there are no footpaths in the neighbourhood.

More information

According to the Advertiser (27 Jan, 2021) more than 17,000 drivers were caught breaking road rules around schools last year.

There were 17,467 offences costing drivers more than $6.5m in total fines.

Most of those fines were for motorists caught on fixed cameras speeding (15,089) and running red lights (2061) at school pedestrian crossings.

Police figures also showed drivers speeding in 25km/h school zones (304), and failing to give way at school crossings (13).