COVID-19 – Passenger numbers for school excursions, etc

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With school activities increasing, operators are beginning to field enquiries about charter services for excursions and camps.

There has been some confusion about the number of students allowed on a chartered bus, given that the existing rule for transport/tour is for 20 people only.

Department for Health guidelines for transport and tour operators were updated on June 09. They state explicitly that transportation for school excursions and camps is exempt from the 20 person per vehicle rule.

Here is the information from the fact sheet:

  • The total number of passengers permitted on transport/tour vehicles is no more than 20. This does not include tour operators, the driver and other people undertaking official duties. This limit of 20 passengers does not apply to transport associated with school excursions or camps.
  • The density requirement of 1 person per 4 square metres does not apply, but where possible people should space out and leave spare seats/rows in-between passengers.
  • Family units, friends or people who otherwise normally associate with each other can sit next to each other.
  • Seating should be assigned and passengers should sit in the same seat for the duration of the journey/tour, avoid walking up and down the aisle, and avoid touching seat headrests.
  • The contact details of passengers should be retained for contact tracing purposes.

Download the full fact sheet – Guidance for Transport and Tour Vehicles.