Bushfire emergency management planning

Emergency management planning is about preparing, mitigating risk, responding to, and recovering from an emergency. It should be an ongoing element of your approach to business continuity and provide clear direction for management, staff, procurers/customers (such as Department for Education), customers, and other stakeholders in case of an emergency.

This documentation will help you and your organisation prepare for, and respond to, bushfires. There are three Bushfire Emergency Management Planning (EMP) documents:

  • Bushfire EMP Guide (pdf) – an overview of the Bushfire EMP process and requirements.
  • Bushfire EMP Template (doc) – for you to fill out with your own information (feel free to add and delete as you see fit).
  • Sample Bushfire EMP (doc) and also in pdf – an example of a Bushfire EMP for a fictional organisation (My Bus Company) that should help you fill out your own template, and from which you can copy/paste anything that is useful to you.

If you have any feedback on these documents, or need any help working through them and coming up with your own plan, please do not hesitate to contact Andrea (admin@bussa.asn.au). I’m here to help.

CFS Bushfire Safety Guide for Businesses (June 2022)

Aside from the emotional and physical damages left in the wake of bushfire, the hard truth is that businesses  impacted by bushfire can experience:

  • Extended cash flow interruptions
  • Business continuity disruptions
  • Service provision and duty of care legal obligations
  • Unplanned or unexpected employee impacts.

The new Bushfire Safety Guide for Business is a resource to:

  • Aid in preparations for fire danger season
  • Help mitigate bushfire risk
  • Highlight areas of consideration for coping, responding, and adapting should a bushfire or other emergency, threaten your business or workplace.

Get it here:

CFS presentation to Bus SA

In November 2020, Bus SA held a session with Chris Sedunary from the CFS to discuss bushfire emergency management planning. In a wide ranging presentation, Chris talked at length about business preparation and the things to be aware of coming into a bushfire season.

If you missed the session, you can watch the video here, and download the presentation here.