Industry facts

Man running for bus

In South Australia there are:

  • Over 500 school bus services daily
  • Over 100,000 tourists who travel by coach around the state every year
  • Around 40 million boardings on bus and coach services in Adelaide and major regional centres (2012 data)

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics data (2012), 9.9% of people living in Adelaide aged 18 years and over used public transport to travel to work or full time study, compared to the national average of 16%.

In 2010, buses accounted for 77% of passenger boarding by mode in the Adelaide CBD. BusSA believes the bus and coach industry plays a pivotal role in South Australia’s passenger transport future. It is highly unlikely the government will invest significantly in other public transport modes. 

BusSA focuses on gaining support from government for a number of key policy areas, including the:

  • Development of a South Australian Regional Transport Action Plan, built from an audit of existing transport services and assets, along with a review of the School Transport Policy that investigates accessibility for all school students, integration into community needs and the possible benefits of flexible privately owned operations.
  • Provision of appropriate bus layover facilities in Adelaide and at key tourism sites.
  • Introduction of a bus priority system use that can be used by all bus operators.
  • Establishment of a Consultative Passenger Transport Stakeholder Group.

You can read more about this on our Bus SA recommendations page.