New contract to build buses should help boost public transport and create new jobs

Scania Australia has been awarded a contract to supply around 340 buses over ten years for Adelaide’s metropolitan bus network. Beginning in 2020, the fuel-efficient and low emission Scania-powered bus chassis will be fitted with bus bodies made locally.

This will mean new jobs in South Australia as a minimum of 29 of the 34 buses built each year will be constructed here by Precision Buses.

Key features of the new contract include:

  • all buses to have driver security screens, duress alarms, CCTV and a fire suppression system
  • a demonstration hybrid bus delivered by 2020, and a full evaluation Hybrid delivered in 2021
  • a flexible contract allowing changes to the bus mix based on government priorities (the current mix is 29 rigid, five articulated per year)
  • KPI based supplier performance reviews
  • all buses to be Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliant.

The diesel-electric hybrid buses offer a reduction of carbon exhaust emissions of up to 24 per cent.

Over the last six years an average of 27 buses per year have been delivered, so this contract will see an increase of 7 buses per year.

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BusSA supports any initiative offering better accessibility, use of public transportation (and more employment) in South Australia. Looking forward to seeing these new SA-built buses with their reduced carbon emissions, improved safety features, and fuel efficiencies.

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